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beit Lamed


Hm, okay, i'll be blunt here. Perhaps there will be some kind of learning process along the way.

i only read a few of your postings, and i didn't really find a definition of what you mean by the term "Radical Love", so i can just assume.

i think the concept of "Radical Love" is a 19th century stereotype of how love should be. In an ideal world, it would be the best thing of all. In reality, it only leads to pain and hurt and cruelty. i believe, the more foundation i have within me, the more i can love. So the necessary prerequisite for love of any kind is the honesty to know where i need security, firm walls outside myself. "Radical Love" might serve well as an ideal: Ideals are not there to be achieved. Ideals are outside of reality. Ideals are guiding stars. It's important to realize that we will never reach them.

Nonetheless. i also think that if we do respect our own limits and do what we think we need to do in order to be "safe"... then suddenly the limits start to blur and melt away. i think the reason for this is that fear is love's greatest enemy - so if i can get rid of my fears in any way, i can love more.

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