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So I've been trying to expand my love for the last few months, and doing it pretty intensely. It can be hard... sometimes, too, it just frustrating, and it's very often pretty scary. Being honest about the things nobody ever hears, about little fears that you think are going to be laughed at or just invalidated... it's really frightening, and always harder than I expect it to be. To open myself to someone else and say "this is me"... they can always say "I don't like that." I've even had that occasionally. For me, though, what brings me through is knowing that I have this inner core of humanity, of love, something that is incredibly worthy of value -- and if someone doesn't accept me, well... that's their problem. I wish they would. And in turn, I try to accept everyone. The old elitist rumblings in my brain often step in and say "that's not worthy of your attention" or "that person is acting so wrong," and I dislike him or her. Amazingly, though, more often it has been accepting. Saying "that is not me, but I see that it is you, and I accept that." Which is another way of saying "I love you." In my mind, at least. *smiles*

Sorry, it's really late at night, and I'm not terribly coherent, but I wanted to get this up and running today. I really hope this goes through... I really hope this place thrives. There is so much that is amazing about the world, and so much that is amazing about a community of people who are committed to saying "I love you, no matter who you are, no matter what you are -- you are supported and accepted and loved." This is part of my hopes. A place like this has been my greatest desire for months, and I hope it thrives. *smiles* This is me. I'm John, and here you are seeing my greatest hope put into action. I hope to post frequently, but even more than that, I want to see what others bring -- it will make me very happy.
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